Artificial Grass

Whether you are looking to transform your garden or would like a safe play area for children to play then Artificial Grass is the answer.

Artificial Grass is like real grass but without mess, mud and maintenance.

Our surfaces are hard wearing and can be laid on soil, sand, turf, concrete, tarmac and paving.

Artificial Grass surfaces can be installed around play equipment; we simply install a shock pad beneath the artificial grass which cushions the impact from any potential trips and falls. The shock pad varies in depth to meet the safety requirements of all play equipment.

Artificial Grass provides a long lasting, low maintenance surface that is ideal for gardens, play areas; swimming pool surrounds and sports pathways.

Artificial Grass comes in many different shades of greens and different pile heights, to give a more natural looking surface and also to meet individual requirements.

Once installed your new Artificial Grass surface will stay beautiful for many years.

Some recent Artificial Grass works: